For about as long as I can remember, I’ve been glued to my camera. Whether we were just goofing off around the house or on a family trip to England, I was always ready to snap a photo to commemorate the adventures big and small we lived every day. Especially once we moved to Oregon -- and it felt like any experience you could possibly imagine was within reach -- my camera became my constant companion. 


I wanted to make sure that every epic, unrepeatable moment was frozen in time so that even when times got tough, I could look back on those hopeful moments to find peace and joy. Every adventure was perfectly preserved, and each photo was like this magical portal that could transport me back in time. 


So as you stand at the starting line of an unimaginable new adventure, I want to be there to capture all of the excitement, anticipation, and overflowing elation that brings, so you can relive it all over and over again! Using my rich, bold, true-to-life style, I create galleries bursting with personality. And, I’m always willing to step outside the box or do something wild and unconventional to make sure your photos feel authentic. What can I say? I’m a bit of a rule breaker! Together, we will craft a session to fit your unique vibe. And no matter if you feel like a pro in front of the camera or if you’re honestly a little nervous, I promise your photos are going to blow your mind! This is going to be the adventure of a lifetime!


Speaking of adventures, even when I’m not with a high school senior like you, stomping through the mud on the way to a waterfall or climbing onto concrete blocks to get a better angle, I’m likely still up to something wild. In my downtime, you can probably catch me rock climbing, playing games with friends, or alongside my family loading up the car with nothing but the camping equipment, the dogs, and a direction in mind. I am also passionate about many causes -- from the BLM movement to environmental conservation. Because of this, I’m proud to offer a new feature of my business starting this year! When you book a senior session with me, you’ll be able to choose from three non-profits Earth Guardians, DoSomethingGood.Org, or Sierra Club to receive a 3% donation of your session fee. 


So, what do ya say? Ready to get this party started? I sure am! So, let’s trade hilarious stories from high school for some of my best posing tips. I’ll be your cheerleader, problem-solver, planner, and friend as we laugh our way through crafting a gallery flooded with adventure and authenticity that you’ll love for as long as you live! Inquire today to begin the adventure!