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5 Proven Tips to Make Your Photos With Your Dog Less Stressful and More Enjoyable!

Couples portrait with their three german shepherd dogsLindsay Newton Photography-52 I absolutely love it when my clients bring their fur babies to their photo sessions! Your pets are part of your family, so it makes perfect sense to include them in your photos! But let's be honest, that can include an added level of stress, right? These 5 tips will help ensure that your session goes as smooth as possible and will allow you to enjoy your experience instead of reaching for that bottle of wine! Let me know which tip was a life saver for you!

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Tip Number One: Snuggly, not smelly. Make sure Fido has had a somewhat recent bath so that you can really get in there for those snuggles. No one wants to hug and love all over a stinky dog, am I right?! Also, check those nails and make sure that they are not long or sharp. A well placed scratch can ruin the vibe pretty quickly. One other neat trick that serves two purposes is to use lavender essential oils for your dog. Not only will they smell good, but they will also be slightly more mellow as it is a natural remedy for anxiety in dogs. 

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Tip Number Two: Pick a dog friendly outfit. I recommend picking outfits that are comfortable, yet cute. Ones that you can pretty much get into whatever position you need to without worrying about certain things showing...you know what I mean? Try to pick something that can get some hair on it and potentially a little mud. But I get it, maybe you are wanting that flowy dress look. I am all for it! Just make sure that you are mentally prepared for a snag from a nail, or some slobber marks. If you are good with it, then I am good with it! But don't worry, I help you choose the right outfit for you and your vision during your consult, so you don't have to worry about all of the details on your own.

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Tip Number Three: Location Matters! It is super important that you pick a location that fits your dog and their personality...as well as yours. For example, you might have a super relaxed bulldog that is used to being downtown and relaxing next to you at the cafe while you are sipping your coffee on a Sunday morning. If that is the case, then heck yes lets do your shoot downtown! However, on the flip side of the coin, you might have a super energetic lab that loves to run and will need some wide open spaces. I would highly recommend a park that allows this, or even better, lets go for a hike! Does your dog prefer the company of humans over other dogs? Then perhaps stay away from high dog traffic areas. The good news is that when you book your session with me, we go over all of this and make sure that we pick a location together that compliments you both!
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Tip Number Four: Plan ahead for Exercise. A tired pup is a good pup! Plan to exercise your dogs prior to the shoot. This can be done by heading to the dog park prior to the session (just make sure you have some towels to wipe off any slobber or mud) or can also be accomplished if we are going for a hike to a special location. Just remember that the more exercise they get the less hyper they will be...for most breeds.

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Tip Number Five: Think about bringing someone along to help! It can be really helpful to have someone there to hold the leashes while we whisk you away to grab some human only shots. It is also really helpful to have someone to help round up the herd and supply me with dog treats and to play peek a boo with the dogs behind my back. This person can be a friend or family member-just make sure that they love your dog as much as you do! And as a thank you, invite them to join you for a couple of shots! 

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It's really important to remember that dogs are dogs...not humans. So we need to cater the session to allowing them to be comfortable. I liken dogs in my sessions to small children...keep them happy! There is a lot of body language at play. If they start getting antsy, let them have a break. Don't expect them to sit still and look at the camera and smile, instead embrace their personalities and go with the flow. I promise if you take the time to set your shoot up for success, you will have an enjoyable time that really captures you and your dogs relationship. So what are you waiting for, let's book your session today! INQUIRE HERE


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