15 Favorite Senior Images of 2019

December 18, 2019  •  4 Comments

15 Favorite Senior Images of 2019

This year was seriously stunning! While each session holds a special place in my heart, there are certain photos that just jump out as my favorites, although it was really tough to narrow it down to 15! In no particular order, here they are. Enjoy!


1: Melania's session was pretty special. This girl is after my own heart...she brought her dog, she loves to adventure and she is an amazing photographer! This shot was towards the end of her session and the way the smoke surrounds her makes it probably one of my favorite smoke bomb images of all time! Want to see more from Melania's shoot? Click HERE.

Black and White Image of a High School Senior surrounded by smoke.Lindsay Newton Photography-263


2:  Living in Oregon, I am honestly surprised that I don't have more senior sessions with rain! Chloes jacket is not only the best color ever, but it is also her Grandmas jacket! Pair it with the rain and umbrella and it is just the cutest photo ever!!
High School Senior in a yellow jacket standing under a clear umbrella in the rainLindsay Newton Photography-63


3: I freakin' love it when seniors make their session unique! Tiw is one of those guys that you cannot put into a box. He is a kicker on the football team, a professional gamer (or whatever that is called when you aren't quite old enough to make money at it yet), an environmentalist and he has the funniest t-shirt collection around! 
High School Senior Guy with Professional Gaming GearLindsay Newton Photography-45


4:  Photographing T-Rex was a first! Spencer might seem like a quiet guy on the outside, but on the inside the guy is all about the laughs! Trying to get the costume into some of the traditional senior poses had all of us laughing!!
High School Senior Photo with T-Rex Costume.Lindsay Newton Photography-93


5: This shot of Hailey just captures the carefree spirit that I love! She was such a joy to shoot!! High school senior walking carefree down a trail.Lindsay Newton Photography-50


6: Isabel had the coolest outfits ever! But this shot amongst these cool spikey thistles just frames her and draws you in! Head over to the her BLOG to peek all her cool outfits from Korea! 
High school senior girl in a field of dried thistles. Salem, OregonLindsay Newton Photography-29


7: The vibe in this photo is so dang awesome! These two have been best friends since the dawn of time, I had so much fun with the two of them during this shoot! They even jumped in a dumpster and had a wrapping paper fight!
High school senior best friends on an urban rooftop during golden light.Lindsay Newton Photography-169


8: Do I really need to say much about this shot? I mean, Marshall nailed it! Can you tell that it is raining?!! 
High school senior football player holding a football and walking down the road.Lindsay Newton Photography-147


9: This pose is one of my favorite poses for guys. It just lends itself to a natural look. But Wiley took it to a whole new level with this shot!!
Black and white image of a high school senior guy leaning next to some ivy.Lindsay Newton Photography-124


10: Smoke bombs are always a favorite addition to a shoot. This shot of Katy in her Bon Jovi shirt, with the golden light and the smoke putting the focus on her gorgeous smile...gah! See more of Katy's session HERE!
High school senior on train tracks with a grey smoke bomb.Lindsay Newton Photography-188


11: Peyton's session was such a dream! I could have chosen quite a few from her session-the location, her outfits and the fun made it hard to choose! This one on Clear Lake is definitely one of my favorites because of the tranquility it brings. She just looks so peaceful! Check out the rest of her session HERE
High school senior wrapped in a blanket on a boat.Lindsay Newton Photography-47


12: The bare feet combined with the gorgeous light, Zach's amazing unique style and contagious laughter just takes me back to this awesome shoot! 
High school senior guy in his favorite thrift store clothes during golden hour.Lindsay Newton Photography-92


13: You all know that I am a mountain fan, right?! This shot just sums up my mountain love! Warm light, gorgeous mountains and a little bit of quirky!!
High school senior girl standing in golden light with Mount Jefferson behind her.Lindsay Newton Photography-94


14: I love this shot because it encompasses all of Brocks favorites: His Jeep, his family property and baseball. We had a great time running over cow pies, climbing on logs and perfecting the smolder! Want to see more of Brocks session? Head over to his BLOG post! 
High school senior guy posing with his jeep, baseball bat and glove near a river.Lindsay Newton Photography-91


15: I love the simplicity of this shot! Melanie was my first senior of the season and she really set the tone!
High school senior girl with jean jacket.Lindsay Newton Photography-39

I am looking forward to the Class of 2021! It is never too early to get on the books-Inquire Here today!!






What I wouldn't give to be able to pull off one of those yellow jackets. I love the variety and personality you show in your images.
Jodi Major(non-registered)
Beautiful images and wonderful idea for a blog post to show some of your favorite images of the year!
Love all your top choices! Great blog post and sessions!
scott miller(non-registered)
Ok hands down the T-Rex is my favorite. But all of them are awesome.

Great year, here's to an even better 2020.
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