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Family photo in Alvord Desert, OregonLindsay Newton Photography

June Monthly Goals

June is my birthday month!! Yay! Yep, that means I am a gemini-through and through. It's funny, the older I get the more I love giving presents instead of receiving them. I think it's because it becomes more apparent what the greatest gifts really are-friends, family, opportunities...I know, slightly cliche, but what can I say?! So for my birthday month, I am going to give you a gift! Make sure you check out the rest of this post, somewhere you will find it. :) And don't forget to post your goals, I will help keep you accountable!

May Goals Recap:

My exercise goal was sorely not met this month. I struggle making the time and balancing my business, other job, fun with the fam...etc. I did try to be active when I had time off-so will be happy with that for now. Huge confession to make-I totally forgot about my morning meditation goal...so I will make it a June goal!! Mothers Day was fun...I remember that much, but cannot for the life of me remember what we did. We did go see the new Marvel movie-that was awesome! 

We had some great weather in May, which was so needed after such a wet April! Kole and I had a blast in Portland going vintage clothes shopping and chatting with the awesome people at Cal Skate Skateboards.  We bought my oldest a new deck, cool skateboard at the Cal Skate Shop in Portland, OregonLindsay Newton Photography which was beyond awesome! It was designed by youth from a local mentorship program, and it turns out we bought the very first one!! 

We visited Alvord Desert and the Steens Mountain range. This too will be a blog in itself, because there is waayyy too much to tell you about. What I will say is that you must go! I mean put that destination on your bucket list! It is otherworldly and just awe inspiring that places like that exist in Oregon.

On the business side of things, I blogged three times in May! Make sure you check out Fine Art Wedding Styled Shoot and Congratulations Class of 2019 Salem Oregon Seniors!. I attended my very first Photography Workshop-the Beyond Workshop, hosted by Casi Yost and Elle Harper. It was so fulfilling to be surrounded by amazing photographers and fellow creatives. There will be a whole blog post done on this workshop, so stay tuned!

I am happy to say that I finished my love story brochure, and booked one wedding for 2019 and one for 2020. Whoop! And senior sessions are starting to fill up! May was full of lots of creativeness! Pinterest continues to baffle me-but I am slowly learning all about the awesomeness of it. If you have a Pinterest account, go give me a follow! 


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Urban family photo in Salem, OregonLindsay Newton Photography Urban family photo in Salem, OregonLindsay Newton Photography Lindsay Newton Photography-237Lindsay Newton Photography-237 Lindsay Newton Photography-217Lindsay Newton Photography-217 Lindsay Newton Photography-305Lindsay Newton Photography-305

June goals! 

Personal Goals:

  • Continue making exercise a priority by doing cardio (running, cycling, hiking) at least 2 times per week and doing yoga or climbing at least 2 times per week.
  • Start a daily meditation routine. This was a goal for May that I totally forgot, but I still feel like it is totally worthwhile. Do any of you do this already? Tell me more!! 
  • June 1st is my Birthday!! I think we are headed to the beach for the day...but who really knows! My gift to you: Make a donation to Leave No Trace of at least $10 and I will give you $41 off your session for the month of June! Our environment needs our help now more than ever! While you are there, check out the other ways that you can make an impact. Once you make your donation, head over to my Inquiries page and just leave me a note saying you donated. I will automatically take off the $41. 
  • Throw Kole's graduation party. It's funny-I am ready (and he is super ready) for Kole to be graduated, but I think I am also not wanting to acknowledge the fact that my baby is graduating, so I have done nothing to prepare for his party. This should have been a May goal. Mom fail, lol! 

Business Goals:

  • Blog at least three times this month (this equals one!!). 
  • Host my very first "Senior Pay What You Can Day". This day is dedicated to anyone who might not be able to afford the normal session price. I thought of this when I had a young man last year inquire about senior photos, but I was out of his price range. While yes, this is a business, this is also a very important time in these kids lives. Almost half of my seniors last year paid for their sessions themselves. I don't think money should be the only factor to someone having an amazing senior experience.  
  • Continue working on my SEO and Pinterest account. To be honest, this will probably always be a goal. 
  • Make some magic with the amazing sessions this month, including some cap/gowns, customer appreciation events, seniors and families! 

With summer upon us, I can't wait for all of the warm, golden filled photo sessions! Let me know where your photo dreams would take you! Who knows, maybe mine are taking me to the same place at the same time! Cheers! 




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