11 Easy Poses To Make Your Senior Photos Awesome

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Elevate Your Senior Pics With These 11 Easy Poses

Have you ever wondered how I get those amazingly candid looking shots...over and over again? These 11 poses will help you achieve those same results! So go practice and I promise, you will rock your senior pictures! Or even better, get on my books today and not only will we rock these poses...but so many more!! Click HERE to inquire! 

1. The lean and laugh

This is one of my all time favorites! Lean towards the camera and laugh. Yes, you will feel totally awkward. And yes, it will look amazing!!

Lindsay Newton Photography-21Lindsay Newton Photography-21 Lindsay Newton Photography-27Lindsay Newton Photography-27 Lindsay Newton Photography-99Lindsay Newton Photography-99

2. The knuckle cracker

This pose works great for guys! Just pretend to be cracking your knuckles. Another version is to hold something in your hand, like a leaf. 

Lindsay Newton Photography-8Lindsay Newton Photography-8 Lindsay Newton Photography-82Lindsay Newton Photography-82

3. The nose hair pose

This angle can really be awesome! Just make sure that you aren't too close so that you don't end up with a double chin. Lol!

Lindsay Newton Photography-170Lindsay Newton Photography-170 Lindsay Newton Photography-208Lindsay Newton Photography-208
Lindsay Newton Photography-148Lindsay Newton Photography-148

4. Dance it up

Play some music and dance around! Another prompt that works is to pretend you are at a music festival and you are dancing like no one is watching! 

Lindsay Newton Photography-151Lindsay Newton Photography-151 Lindsay Newton Photography-322Lindsay Newton Photography-322 Lindsay Newton Photography-294Lindsay Newton Photography-294 Lindsay Newton Photography-65Lindsay Newton Photography-65

5. Walk this way

The slow stroll...and sometimes not so slow! Walking adds so much fun movement to your photos! Bonus, look to the side, at the camera and then the other side as you walk. 

Lindsay Newton Photography-165Lindsay Newton Photography-165 Lindsay Newton Photography-145Lindsay Newton Photography-145
Lindsay Newton Photography-147Lindsay Newton Photography-147 Lindsay Newton Photography-41Lindsay Newton Photography-41
Lindsay Newton Photography-249Lindsay Newton Photography-249 Lindsay Newton Photography-136Lindsay Newton Photography-136

6. Blue Steel

Channel your inner Zoolander and pull out your Blue Steel. Always a fun one because more times than not it leads to immense laughter afterwards. Which is a total bonus!

Lindsay Newton Photography-19Lindsay Newton Photography-19 Lindsay Newton Photography-46Lindsay Newton Photography-46 Lindsay Newton Photography-74Lindsay Newton Photography-74 Lindsay Newton Photography-102Lindsay Newton Photography-102

7. Love yourself

Give yourself a little hug! This can be done with two arms, one arm or while hugging your knees. The most important part of this pose-commit!! 

Lindsay Newton Photography-47Lindsay Newton Photography-47 Lindsay Newton Photography-55Lindsay Newton Photography-55 Lindsay Newton Photography-167Lindsay Newton Photography-167 Lindsay Newton Photography-153Lindsay Newton Photography-153 Lindsay Newton Photography-179Lindsay Newton Photography-179 Lindsay Newton Photography-316Lindsay Newton Photography-316

8. Hands in your hair-don't care!

The number one recommendation when you are playing with your hair? Never stop moving! Keep those fingers engaged, and go all the way through from the scalp to the ends of your hair. 

Lindsay Newton Photography-8Lindsay Newton Photography-8 Lindsay Newton Photography-65Lindsay Newton Photography-65 Lindsay Newton Photography-111Lindsay Newton Photography-111 Lindsay Newton Photography-133Lindsay Newton Photography-133 Lindsay Newton Photography-158Lindsay Newton Photography-158

9. Looking into the future

These are often some of my favorites and usually allow for more of the landscape. Just turn that head sideways and look into your future. 

Lindsay Newton Photography-70Lindsay Newton Photography-70 Lindsay Newton Photography-139Lindsay Newton Photography-139 Lindsay Newton Photography-167Lindsay Newton Photography-167 Lindsay Newton Photography-240Lindsay Newton Photography-240 Lindsay Newton Photography-325Lindsay Newton Photography-325 Lindsay Newton Photography-182Lindsay Newton Photography-182
Lindsay Newton Photography-188Lindsay Newton Photography-188 Lindsay Newton Photography-190Lindsay Newton Photography-190 Lindsay Newton Photography-201Lindsay Newton Photography-201 Lindsay Newton Photography-198Lindsay Newton Photography-198

10. The neck massage

One of my go to's for guys! This pose is a win-win...I get great shots and you get a mini-massage. Just like with hands in the hair-don't stop moving. And honestly, the more you lean into it-the better it turns out!

Lindsay Newton Photography-1Lindsay Newton Photography-1 Lindsay Newton Photography-145Lindsay Newton Photography-145
Lindsay Newton Photography-53Lindsay Newton Photography-53

11. Hands in pockets

This is a great pose for everyone! Front pockets, back pockets, jacket pockets...they all look good! My favorite? Back pockets, with an ankle cross and a slight rotation of your body! Always a winner! 

Lindsay Newton Photography-10Lindsay Newton Photography-10 Lindsay Newton Photography-48Lindsay Newton Photography-48 Lindsay Newton Photography-64Lindsay Newton Photography-64 Lindsay Newton Photography-93Lindsay Newton Photography-93 Lindsay Newton Photography-113Lindsay Newton Photography-113 Lindsay Newton Photography-187Lindsay Newton Photography-187

So whether you are a fellow photographer or a senior getting ready for your epic session, I hope these tips help you prepare! There are so many other poses that I love to do-but these easy eleven will get you lots of different looks. Let me know if you try them and what your favorite one is! 


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