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15 Favorite Senior Images of 2020

The high school class of 2021 blew my mind! I loved each and every one of their sessions, all 48 of them-their uniqueness, passion, dedication and ability to navigate this crazy time. Each year I pick my favorite images (again, not sessions) and this years seniors made it so dang hard to choose! In no particular order, here are my top 15 high school senior images of 2020. Are you part of the Class of 2022 and are ready to book your session? Sweet! I can't wait to capture your unique personality! Click HERE to inquire today! 


1: Anna's session was pretty epic! We started down by the Willamette River with her cute dog, then made our way to some cool brick buildings, then headed to Basket Slough Wildlife Refuge where she won my heart over with her hair scarf, but this moment made me gasp! I did a really brief stint in ballet when I was a little girl, and can guarantee that my leaps looked nothing like this, lol! This shot literally took my breath away!

High School Ballerina on a dirt road with the sun shining behind her.Lindsay Newton Photography-220

2:  One trend that I am all about is embracing imperfect moments. This shot of Kylie was the last one of her session. I absolutely love the joy on her face, and that she is out of focus, but her wheels are in focus. For me, this photo delivers so much emotion...more than a perfectly in focus shot ever could. 

High school senior holding skateboard behind her head.Lindsay Newton Photography-235

3: I love it anytime I get to capture a sibling of a previous senior! I had Joshua in front of my lens before during a family session, and I had my work cut out for me to get this kid to crack a smile (although he was easier to crack then his older brother, lol). What I love about this shot is the true laughter and smile! He was probably laughing at me and some dumb joke I said...but I'll take it! 

Black high school football player laughingLindsay Newton Photography-24

4:  Reyna's adventure session was a dream come true! The hike down to Abiqua Falls is not for the faint of heart. It is a short hike, but don't let that fool you-ropes are involved and making sure you are wearing proper shoes is a must! We chatted about all of this and how to carry down her clothes during her consult, so she was totally prepared and rocked it! Reyna wanted her senior photos to be an experience she would never forget-and that is exactly what she got! Her best friend Izzy joined us and we hiked, played in the water, ate snacks and had the best day ever! 

High school senior girl standing in water at Abiqua Falls, OregonLindsay Newton Photography-168

5: I could have picked several favorites from Ivy's session! Smoke bombs do not always play nice, you should see some of the ones where Ivy is crying because of the smoke! But her walking out of the smoke with this one was truly epic!! Shout out to her bestie, Mary for being the best smoke bomb handler ever!!! I can't wait to see what this fierce babe does, I know it will be something amazing!

High school senior playing her electric guitar walking through smoke from a smoke bomb.Lindsay Newton Photography-249

6: Mary, who is mentioned above, stole my heart with her fierce love of vintage clothing and women's rights. I love the peacefulness of this photo! But also that is is combined with a little bit of quirkiness, which really speaks to her personality! So many amazing shots from her session! 

High school senior girl posing in a field.Lindsay Newton Photography-96

7: I love it when my seniors bring their dogs! It is always a good time! But the connection between Kaia and Ollie was super special! And I can honestly say that I have never before captured a dog that LOVES having his photo taken as much as Ollie! It was amazing-he truly smiled and posed for the camera.  

High school senior girl with her pug dog.Lindsay Newton Photography-175

8: I love the colors and how natural Ivan is in this shot! Anytime my seniors want to go adventure in a new location, I'm down! Ivan wanted something different than the normal seniors in our area, so we went and checked out a neighboring town and found this cool caboose! And that smile?! It could light up a room!

High school senior guy sitting on the back of a train caboose.Lindsay Newton Photography-145

9: Moana made my cultural dreams come true! This babe wanted to incorporate her Lakota Native culture and her Polynesian culture and I couldn't have been more in love with both of them! This shot stole my heart for a couple of reasons...she was such a bad A$$ and was sitting in this ice cold water for like ten minutes and didn't show it at all and also because it makes me feel like we are transported to a tropical location every time I look at this image! 

  High school senior girl sitting in front of a waterfall.Lindsay Newton Photography-290

10: Zoe's adventure session was solid dreams! One of the beauties about choosing an adventure session is we customize it to be amazing for you! Zoe wanted something so completely unique and magical-and Sparks Lake is just that! We added in a special component-camping, which allowed us to shoot in the evening, play around and then get up for an epic sunrise session!

High school senior girl and her dog at Sparks Lake during sunrise.Lindsay Newton Photography-270

11: This shot of Steven is one of my favorites from his session because it is just so him! Easy going, fun, natural! If you want to check out more from his session, click HERE

High school guy leaning against a pole in an urban location.Lindsay Newton Photography-79

12: The cool factor of this shot is off the charts! Black and white just make it even better in my opinion! Meredith was stunning through her whole session, I had so much fun with her! Don't let this photo fool you-we laughed A TON!! 

Black and white photo of a high school senior girl sitting on a dock by water.Lindsay Newton Photography-282

13: Elana wanted an adventure that was unique and incorporated forest as well as the beach. There is this amazing little beach on the Oregon Coast that checked off everything on her wishlist-as well as a bonus waterfall! I loved so many images from her session, but there is just something about the lighting and vulnerability in this photo that just draws me in. It reminds me of a perfume commercial! 

high school girl at the Oregon coast during sunset.Lindsay Newton Photography-350

14: Keelie wanted a combo adventure-the big city and mountains! Thank goodness we live in Oregon where we can get to both in a relatively short amount of time! We started her session in Portland, Oregon where we enjoyed all of the amazing graffiti art and then made our way to the Columbia Gorge for the sunset. It was a gorgeous night and this shot was one of the very last ones we took. It is one of my favorite shots because Keelie not only looks amazing, but also incredibly strong as she gazes out. It reminds me of how my seniors have weathered the 2020 Pandemic so well and with such grace! 

high school girl standing by mountains at sunsetLindsay Newton Photography-325

15: I love the simplicity of this shot! Madelyn was my very last senior of 2020 and I cannot believe how lucky we got with the weather! I love how this photo draws me in, makes me wonder what she is thinking about. 

high school girl in denim jacketLindsay Newton Photography-30

Like I said at the beginning, only choosing 15 images was so incredibly difficult for me because I develop a relationship with each one of my seniors and I absolutely loved each one of their sessions!

I bet after seeing these, you can't wait to book your session! Am I right?!! Good news-my books are now open for the Class of 2022! Send me an inquiry now and let's adventure! Click HERE to inquire!






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