Senior Pictures in the Heart of Winter in Downtown Salem, Oregon

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Senior Photos in January? Yes, Please!!

My normal high school senior season usually lasts from July through November, but this year with COVID, the yearbook deadlines were extended and so was my season-and I am not mad about it! Scheduling a senior session in January can feel like a gamble; the weather can be down right miserable, you might not be able to wear the cute warm weather outfits that you were wanting, and winter light is different than that warm summer glow. High school senior photo at the Gray Lab in Salem, oregon Lindsay Newton Photography-46

BUT there are some serious benefits to waiting until winter, as long as you can still meet your yearbook deadlines:

  • You will look more like yourself because the date is closer to graduation! It can be shocking to see how much someone can change in 10 months. 
  • By renting a studio, weather is no longer an issue! And if the weather cooperates, like it did with Honour's session, then you can play inside and outside! Helloooo cute outfits! 
  • I am not in the thick of my senior season, so you most likely will get your images back before my deadline.
  • If you are really lucky, you might even get some snow!

Honour's session started at The Gray Lab, where we used the simple white walls as our backdrop to focus the attention on her. She brought the best outfits, her best friend Calie and her sweet personality! The Gray Lab is one of my favorite places to shoot because it is so clean and they had great furniture choices. We only had the studio for an hour, so we got to work while jammin' to some old school music. 

After an hour of magic at the studio, we headed outside to take advantage of some great locations in Downtown Salem, Oregon. When we had Honour's consult, we talked about the high likelihood of rain, and planned accordingly with clear umbrellas and cute blankets and jackets. We were totally prepared for whatever the rain gods threw at us, and were pleasantly surprised by the warm sun. I love the urban look, and with the sun shining we headed to some of my favorite places. On our way we ran into Caesar the No Drama LlamaCaesar and his owner are often spotted downtown and are always down to have photos taken. What a cool addition to your senior session, right?!! And just to make sure that the fun factor was high, we ended the session with a good old fashioned puddle jump! We packed so much into this senior photo session and it was seriously so much fun-definitely one of my favorites! 

I know what you are thinking, how the heck do I get on this lady's schedule? Click HERE to inquire and let's get this party started!

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Not sure where you want to have your senior photos taken? Click HERE to see my top 8 Locations in Salem, Oregon. 


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