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My Top 15 Senior Class of 2021 Photos

I'm not sure how each senior class gets better and better, but I am here for it! This senior season consisted of 33 spirited and unique seniors, with 11 of them choosing to adventure all over our amazing state of Oregon! Each year I pick my favorite images (not individual sessions) and wow, did I have a hard time choosing! In no particular order, here are my top 15 high school senior images of 2021. I am now booking Class of 2023 and cannot wait to work with you. Are ready to book your senior session? Sweet, let's do this! Click HERE to inquire today! 


1: Madison's session was beyond fun! We warmed up to the camera behind the Elsinore Theatre in downtown Salem, Oregon and then headed to one of my favorite coffee shops, The Archive, which is where this shot was taken. I just especially love the ease of this photo, not too much of the background, the ease of her expression and the warmth of the light. 

Lindsay Newton Photography-220

2:  If you know me at all, you know I have a love for retro and vintage stuff. Ben wanted unique and mentioned that a light store or thrift store might be cool to shoot in, I immediately got to work and found The Lounge Lizard in Portland, Oregon that was beyond perfect! A little tip anytime you are either shooting in a store, or having your photos taken, make sure that your photographer has contacted the store beforehand. The Lounge Lizard was delightful and beyond welcoming when I called them. I have a lot of favorites from Ben's session-but the majority come from the shoot at this store.   

Lindsay Newton Photography-235

3: Jaelyn, you are a Queen!! This shot just makes me so damn happy! I love the carefree feeling and the light! So much fun!!

Lindsay Newton Photography-24

4:  Giselle's adventure session was a dream come true! We visited a secret garden at Belknap Hot Springs which was such a vibe in itself, but when you combine the location with Giselle in her stunning dress, it was simply magical. After playing in the garden for a while we visited one of my favorite meadows until the sun went down. Giselle is one of those people that just exudes peace and draws you in. And talk about a small world-her current house is where we lived when we had our boys! What are the odds?!!

Lindsay Newton Photography-168

5: I think this one just exudes peace, confidence and captures that true Oregon beauty. Holly's adventure session took us all over Portland, Oregon and we finished at this great location in the Columbia Gorge. One of the most common things I hear from my seniors is that they are awkward in front of the camera, and that they will need help drawing out their comfortableness and their true selves. Holly was no exception, but it was truly a joy to watch her confidence improve as the session unfolded. 

Lindsay Newton Photography-249

6: I started squealing inside when Sophie and I were on her planning call. She mentioned that she likes to take photos too, with her vintage camera. And then when we chatted outfits-I was probably squealing on the outside too! I loved how this shot came together, the light was perfect, the outfit was perfect and as you can see, Sophie is stunning. 

Lindsay Newton Photography-96

7: Sean has helped rebuild this Toyota FJ with his dad-it was their Pandemic project. When Sean first mentioned that he wanted some shots with his FJ, I was stoked. But I honestly thought he meant a newer one. When he rolled up in this beyond cool FJ, my jaw hit the floor. I knew we needed to create something where the focus was only on Sean and his FJ. I just love the simplicity of this shot. 

Lindsay Newton Photography-175

8: Having your dogs involved in your session involves a lot of treats and chaos. Kaitlyn totally  embraced it and this shot just captures the joy of this moment in her life. And I also love the imperfectness of life. 

Lindsay Newton Photography-145

9: Miranda made my advocacy dreams come true in her session! This babe wanted to incorporate her passion for Black Lives Matter and to also truly capture what is going on in the world during this time in her life. I love the editorial feel of this image-I think the black and white just adds that special touch, almost like you should see it in a newspaper.  

  Lindsay Newton Photography-290

10: There are moments when as you are shooting someone in their passion zone where you just want to stop and take it in. I remember feeling that way when I captured Isaiah for his 8th grade graduation photoshoot and once again during this part of his senior photos. This guy was meant to be on a skateboard, period. He was so in his element and it was such a joy to watch him do his thing. 

High School Senior SkateboardingLindsay Newton Photography-270

11: I could have picked oh, I don't know...maybe like 50 favorites from Kody's session! We met at Trillium Lake at 7am to hike in to the lake for sunrise. Unfortunately there were clouds that obscured Mount Hood, but the sun did peek out for a second-and in that second we created some serious magic! It was so cold that we had to be very careful which rocks to go out on as there was a layer of ice on them! I haven't ever had a senior take an unexpected plunge during their session, and I sure wasn't going to start with Kody's session! 

High school senior girl sitting on a rock at Trillium Lake, Oregon at sunrise.Lindsay Newton Photography-79

12: The cool factor of this shot is off the charts! Black and white just make it even better in my opinion! Addisyn was so much fun to collaborate with when planning her session. Each of her outfits had such a distinct vibe, and I just love the contradiction in this photo...dressed to the nines, but no where to go! 

Black and white photo of a high school senior girl leaning against a stop sign.Lindsay Newton Photography-282

13: Cole totally looks like a jeans model in this shot! Not every pose works for everyone, but this one definitely worked for Cole! Again, the simplicity of this shot allows you to be drawn in. Guys-you will never go wrong with a white t-shirt and jeans...never. 

high school guy leaning against a wall.Lindsay Newton Photography-350

14: One of my requirements for an image making my favorite list is how it makes me feel. Ayiesha in this shot just creates tranquility. I am drawn to her beautiful expression as well as the stunning location. Nothing overt, just a subtly gorgeous image. In fact, I think that is a really great way to describe Ayiesha-nothing too overt, just subtly gorgeous...inside and out.

high school girl standing on a rock at Latourell Falls, Oregon.Lindsay Newton Photography-325

15: Maya's ability to trust and embrace my crazy ideas made for soooooo many amazing images! Maya made my minimalist dreams come true. We picked locations that were unusual, yet captivating and while she might have had her hands turn blue towards then end, I would say that it was worth it! This shot rounds out my favorites because of her uninhibited joy for the snow! It was also the first time I combined shooting in the snow with flash photography-and I in love.  

high school girl dancing in the snowLindsay Newton Photography-30

When I shoot over 30,000 senior photos during senior season, narrowing it down to 15 just seems impossible. But life always has a way of proving that the impossible is possible, doesn't it? So I ask, which image is your favorite?

Are you ready to have the real you captured for your senior photos? Now is the time to schedule your session and I have great news-my books are now open for the Class of 2023! Send me an inquiry now and let's adventure! Click HERE to inquire!




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