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My Top 15 Senior Photos of 2022

Each year I pick my favorite images (not individual sessions) and wow, did I have a hard time choosing this year! With 26 senior sessions this year, that is a lot of images to choose from! In no particular order, here are my top 15 high school senior images of 2022. Are ready to book your senior session? Sweet, let's do this! Click HERE to inquire today! 


1: Liam loves the beach and reggae music, which I thought was just the coolest thing ever! We planned his adventure session with fingers crossed for good weather in November. Fall is the best time to have photos at the beach, in my opinion. And we totally lucked out! His whole session was amazing, but when he went out to surf and the sun was setting-I knew it was going to be magic!  

high school senior photo surfing at Cape Kiwanda in OregonLindsay Newton Photography-220

2:  Gracie's epic shot when we were on her consult call was "looking warm and cozy in my sweater, with the sun setting behind me." Welp, I think we nailed it! Gracies whole session was amazing-and we laughed so much! It was so fun watching her and her grandma interact, so much love!  

high school girl in a cozy sweater during sunset at Willamette Mission State ParkLindsay Newton Photography-235

3: Ginger, where do I even start?! Ginger LOVES plants, so we met at Green Space Design by Jude, which is Ginger's favorite plant store. There were so many amazing spots to capture Ginger, but when we were walking by these windows and I saw the rainbow from a prism, I knew we had to play with it! I just adored Gingers style and laugh! 

High School senior portrait with red hair and a rainbow on her faceLindsay Newton Photography-24

4:  I originally went to choose a baseball image from Joey's session. It was so Americana...but as I was looking through his gallery I remembered this photo of him and his dog, Ruby. I mean, what are the odds of them both making the same face at each other?! 

high school senior guy with his dogLindsay Newton Photography-168

5: I think this one just exudes peace, confidence and captures that true Oregon beauty. Amelia embodies a quiet, yet powerful presence and I love how this shot reflects that. She was a natural in front of the camera and we had a blast adventuring all over the Oregon Garden. 

high school senior portraits at The Oregon GardenLindsay Newton Photography-249

6: Jordan's smile is truly contagious! We had so much fun and I loved capturing her doing her track thing. If I know one thing-watching someone do what they are passionate about and meant to do is just the coolest thing ever. Jordan is the fastest slowest person I have ever met, and I just love that about her!   

high school senior photos on the track at North Salem high schoolLindsay Newton Photography-96

7: Tatum was so specific with her dream senior photo. She wanted to be sitting on the door of her boyfriends red Mustang with the sun setting behind her. And while I can't control the weather, I can help pick locations that help the stars align. And the definitely aligned for her session! Karen the Mustang did an incredible job posing as well, lol! 

high school senior photos with red mustangLindsay Newton Photography-175

8: When you choose to have your adventure session on the Oregon coast during summer, there is always a good chance that it will be foggy. Not for Chenoa! Not only was it amazingly sunny, but we had the lowest tide that I have ever seen at Pacific City-which allowed us to explore some areas that are normally under feet of water! I love this shot because it just captures Chenoa's natural beauty and she just looks ready to take on the world!

high school senior photo at the beachLindsay Newton Photography-145

9: Thomas has quickly developed a love of beach volleyball and it was so much fun incorporating it into his session. This shot is just so fun! Any guesses on how many takes we did to capture it, lol? Let's just say more than one and less than 10!  

  high school senior photo of a beach volleyball guyLindsay Newton Photography-290

10: There are moments when a photo just makes you stop and feel. This was one of those shots-I remember taking it at the end of Jayden's session, the sun had just set, casting a wonderful glow on Jayden. I love how the trees seem to have made an opening for her as she walks towards them. Not your typical grassy field with a white dress, in my opinion. 

High School Senior walking in a grassy field at Basket Slough Wildlife RefugeLindsay Newton Photography-270

11: Twins just make things more fun! These sisters wanted a daisy field and we caught the last of the daisies for the season. We were just finishing their session, with the sun setting behind them when I asked them to run towards me. The joy just radiates from them!  

High school senior twin girls running through a daisy fieldLindsay Newton Photography-79

12: It's always an honor to capture siblings of previous seniors. Mya is just as stunning as her sister! I don't know if the sun flare makes Mya's smile light up more, or if it's Mya's smile that makes the sun flare look better. There was no shortage of laughter in Mya's session, but don't let that fool you-Mya rocked the fierce look as well! 

High school girl laughing with the sun shining behind herLindsay Newton Photography-282

13: Christian loves mountain biking and while we were capturing all kinds of cool tricks, he paused and I just loved how in his element he looked.  

high school guy on his mountain bikeLindsay Newton Photography-350

14: Nicole had a lot of images that I could have chose! She just radiates joy! But this image with her dogs won out because I can feel the love in it. Latourell Falls is always breathtaking, and Nicole is too!

high school girl playing with her dogs in a creek at Latourell Falls, Oregon.Lindsay Newton Photography-325

15: When I first met Olivia on our Zoom consult, I was beyond excited for her session. Her and I share a love of all things vintage and we curated the coolest session in some amazing vintage stores and coffee shops. Her outfits were perfection, most being thrifted themselves. Olivia just has an ease about her that made the entire day effortless and this photo captures that perfectly!  

high school girl sitting on a vintage couchLindsay Newton Photography-30

When I shoot over 30,000 senior photos during senior season, narrowing it down to 15 just seems impossible. This season of seniors really brought their A game and I was beyond honored to capture them!

Are you ready to have the real you captured for your senior photos? Now is the time to schedule your session and I have great news-my books are now open for the Class of 2024! Send me an inquiry now and let's adventure! Click HERE to inquire!




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