The Best Time To Have Your Senior Photos Taken In Oregon

Let’s dive in and take a look at the best time to have your senior photos taken and list out the pros and cons to each time of the year. My most popular months for seniors to have their photos taken in Salem, Oregon are September and October! Coming in close behind is August, November and then July. But really, your senior photos can be taken anytime-or multiple times (in fact, I have several packages for multiple seasons)!

As you can see in the chart, if you want to make sure that rain doesn’t show up for your session, July and August are the driest months!

Your senior photos should reflect your personality, so choosing the best time to have your senior photos taken matters!

Spring: April, May and June

Do you have a love of our amazing flowers and vibrant greens? Still want some snow to show on the mountains? May, June and early July are definitely your months! Getting your photos done early gives you a ton of time to pick your yearbook photo and lets you have your whole summer to just play and have fun! Plus, you get to show off your photos to your friends longer and post to #seniorsunday way before anyone else. The downside to having your photos done this early is that you still change a lot! If this happens, don’t worry-I have a multiple season package that will capture you closer to graduation.

Summer: July, August, and September

Are you a summer lover? Do you live for those warm summer days, hanging out with friends, taking a refreshing dip in an Oregon lake or river, going to music festivals? Then I would definitely look towards July, August and September. These months are warm and offer that true summer look and feel. One thing to keep in mind-it can get warm, okay-down right hot during your session! I make sure that we have extra water, towels to help with the glistening, but it can be rough when those evenings are in the 90’s. If you have a hard time in the heat, we sometimes move your session to sunrise which can be super magical.

September, October, and November

Or maybe you are a cozy sweater, cup of coffee or tea in your hand, taking walks through the falling leaves, and curling up with a blanket type of person. If that sounds more like you-you will want to look towards October and November. Fall is hands down my favorite time of year for photos-it also seems to be the most versatile! Your outfits can span from shorts and summer dresses to boots and sweaters. Definitely something to keep in mind if you are leaning towards an adventure session-Central Oregon in the fall is amazingly spectacular, with those  golden aspen trees and warm light! One word of caution is to make sure you know your yearbook deadline and to give adequate time for your gallery delivery. While I am super quick to get you your sneak peeks (48 hours-woohoo!) your full gallery can take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Other seasons are not off limits! Do you love the snow? Let’s add on a session during the winter! And don’t forget those cap and gown photos! I offer cap and gown mini sessions right before graduation, so make sure to take advantage of those.



When I moved to Oregon, I wanted to make sure that every epic, unrepeatable moment was frozen in time so that even when times got tough, I could look back on those hopeful moments to find peace and joy. Every adventure was perfectly preserved, and each photo was like this magical portal that could transport me back in time.

So as you stand at the starting line of an unimaginable new adventure, I want to be there to capture all of the excitement, anticipation, and overflowing elation that brings. That way you can relive it all over and over again!



Let’s trade hilarious stories from high school for some of my best posing tips. I’ll be your cheerleader, problem-solver, planner, and friend as we laugh our way through crafting a gallery flooded with adventure and authenticity that you’ll love for as long as you live!