Top 8 Favorite Senior Photo Locations Near Salem, Oregon

My Top 8 Favorite Local Spots for Senior Photos

Location plays a big role in your senior photos! It sets the stage, so to say, so picking a location can be hard. No worries, this is where I step in, I pair the perfect location with your personality! Want to know my secret? Okay-but don’t tell anyone! I start with a cauldron and a crystal ball and ask for a lock of your hair…JUST JOKING!! I get to know you! When we chat during your consult I ask you all kinds of questions and it helps me offer up locations that will compliment your personality perfectly.

I promise, you will never get a set of locations from me and be asked to just choose one, or worse-I just choose for you! That just makes me cringe thinking of you not having a say in where you get to celebrate your senior year! But don’t worry, that is not the case with me, we are in this together!! But for those of you who might want to do a little research ahead of time, I have put together a list of some pretty cool spots. Almost every single one of these has areas that are not overused, ensuring that you will get unique shots! Because you are unique! In no particular order-here are my top 8 favorite Salem senior photo locations.

And once you think you have a couple of spots that you could see your session at, let me know by clicking the button below to book your session today!

Downtown Salem

Downtown Salem has a lot more than you think! There are so many little areas and I am always finding more! One of my favorite things about shooting downtown is that we can incorporate fun favorites, like coffee and ice-cream, or donuts and thrift stores! It serves the seniors that long for the old building look as well as the ones that appreciate more modern spaces.

Minto Brown Park

Minto Brown is probably the most popular place in Salem for photos. But don’t take it of your list quite yet! Sure there are the spots that you see everyone taking photos at-but I tend not to use those. Minto Brown is the perfect Salem senior photo location if you are wanting a little bit of everything, fields, water, trees, paths, roads…it has it all!

Basket Slough Wildlife Refuge

Basket Slough is just outside of Salem and is the perfect spot for you field lovers! I like to stop before we get to the parking lot so that we can take advantage of the gravel road and fields along the way. Once you get to the parking lot there is a really cute fence and a beautiful oak tree (right next to the bathroom-but don’t worry, I don’t photograph that! Lol!) that the sun hits perfectly. We then make our way up to the top, which is an easy half mile or so, just in time for the sunset. If you want those epic views of rolling hills and the sun setting, definitely put Basket Slough on your list! One warning for this location is that unfortunately it is not dog friendly, so your pup can’t join us here.

Willamette Mission State Park

This park is not as well known as far as photography locations and there are a ton of locations to choose from in the park! I love shooting here in the fall when the leaves have started changing, but it’s really pretty almost anytime! If you are wanting some water, trees, grass and trails, then definitely check out this location more.

Joryville Park

Are you wanting a wooded look that is close to Salem? This is the place to go! There is also a field that gives amazing evening light with some pretty epic views! This location is also great most times of the year.

Bush Park

Bush Park is a Salem classic. But just like Minto Brown, there are definitely areas that are less known and more unique than others. If you want several different looks in a small area-this is a good place to start! Or maybe you are not really loving any certain component of a location-again, this one is a great choice!

Deepwood Estates

Do you love a classic garden look? Deepwood is where it is at! Once the flowers come on, this spot is gorgeous! And stays gorgeous through the fall! It’s a great location choice if you like flowers and also want some rustic woodsy looks, because the area behind the house is less manicured.

Independence, Oregon

Not a lot of people think of Independence as a place to have your photos taken, but it is one of my favorites! There are some really great little areas downtown with less people watching you. There is the river and fields nearby as well, making it the perfect location to get lots of variety, while not feeling like you are on display as much.

With these amazing Salem senior photo locations, I hope this post helps you choose one or at least narrow it down. I am always down to shoot at new spots too, if you already have a location in mind! Ready to get on the books? Let’s Do It!



When I moved to Oregon, I wanted to make sure that every epic, unrepeatable moment was frozen in time so that even when times got tough, I could look back on those hopeful moments to find peace and joy. Every adventure was perfectly preserved, and each photo was like this magical portal that could transport me back in time.

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